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  • Kim Krause Berg

    Kim Krause Berg

    Usability & Accessibility Specialist, Creative Vision Web Consulting; Speaker/Writer; CreativeVisionWebConsulting.com

  • Jessica Striebich

    Jessica Striebich

    Service Design | Research | Strategy

  • Matthew Gast

    Matthew Gast

    Product manager at work, up in the sky in a plane when off-duty

  • James Christie

    James Christie

    Experience Designer in Portsmouth, NH. Tweet about UX, climate change, food, social enterprise, games, behavior change.

  • Steve Portigal

    Steve Portigal

    Author of Doorbells, Danger, and Dead Batteries & Interviewing Users (http://portigal.com/books ), Host @DollrsToDonuts podcast, work at Portigal Consulting

  • Dawn Smith

    Dawn Smith

    font of interactive minutiae. Working in Digital Analytics and Optimization for Digitaria and JWTUK in London.

  • Tim Frick

    Tim Frick

    Founder of Chicago digital agency & #BCorp @Mightybytes. Author of ‘Designing for Sustainability’ + 3 other books. Speaker, educator, cyclist, environmentalist.

  • Lorelei


    I want to make better things

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